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Suds! The Rockin' 60's Soap Opera Musical

This show was another show that did not require a lot of props, but what was needed was important. Unshown in the pictures is the massive amounts of laundry that I had to gather for the number of times someone enters the laundromat. Other than the laundry, only a few hand props were really needed, including letters, fake scissors, a "bouquet", and reusable glass coke bottles.

The pink letter of being broken up with. Just one of the many letters received in the play. In the background can be seen a billboard with a number of 60's advertisements.

Office supplies and curled order slips stand in for a bouquet at an impromptu laundromat wedding.

Because of a moment where one of the characters attempts to slit her wrist during the play, fake scissors made of wood were called for in lieu of dulled metal ones.

Fake Coke. Just what you need after being tumbled around in a washing machine.

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