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Dora the Explorer: Dora's Pirate Adventure!

Swiper mischievously cuts Dora's sail with Extendo-Scissors.

The Extendo-Scissors as seen up close, both retracted and partially extended.

Every band of pirate piggies needs a boat.

While the chest was rented, having performers lift the lid to open it is boring. I fitted the rented chest with pneumatic pistons to open it remotely, releasing the balloons and activating the confetti cannon inside.

While most of this show was rented, which meant there wasn't really a lot to make, some props needed to be made, or made better. My favorite part of this show was drawing on the cartoons of my childhood, and making extendable scissors much like the trap boxing gloves from old cartoons, and the children gasped whenever they came out. Other than that, another challenge that took a lot of time was the treasure chest. While it was rented, I had the idea that having two characters lift up the lid was boring; it could be much more magical. So I put two pneumatic pistons in, so that when a switch was flipped, te lid would open up, balloons would pop out, and a confetti cannon would fire, shooting confetti around 30 feet into the air.

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