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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Hidden clips in the number signs allowed the performers a wide range of movement without having the cards get in the way.

Again, the clips in the number cards allowed even cartwheels without having the card interfere or distract the performer.

A PTA confections box allowed an unfortunate Chip to toss real candy to the audience after intermission.

Another show that turned out to be somewhat prop-lite. I think most people know the story of these children in a cutthroat, weird spelling bee. My main challenge with this play was actually the number cards, as the director wanted cards that looked like they were held around a character's neck by a string, yet allowed a full range of movement for the dancing and acrobatics to take place without the card slapping them or someone else in the face. Otherwise, props involved the trophy, some decorative sports equipment, a table microphone, and not much else.

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