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Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine has long been one of my favorite shows, so i jumped at the opportunity to create the props for this world. I was able to do a lot of things on this show that I had not been able to do before, like making a weaponized ironing board, working with the LD to make a wirelessly dimmed table lamp, and learning to do simple sewing to make the bags of love.

A cozy nap beside a handmade Patriots lamp, cleverly wired to run wirelessly through the lightboard's commands using a battery pack and wireless dimmer hidden inside the table. The lamp is actually an inverted coffee can, because it fit the shape and had the ridges of an official Patriots lamp that I found online that proved out of the budget.

A (safely) weaponized ironing board. The normal thin felt was removed and replaced with 1.5 inch thick foam. The foam still gave a good "thwack" sound when it contacted, but was completely harmless.

The laundromat scene with weaponized ironing board required few props, but the table holds a secret. The Blue top is one of several that quickly fit over the base to provide a round table in several scenes throughout the show.

Another top to the same table, this time a wooden slatted bar table. Complete with cherry red diner stools that needed a custom base made.

Love was in the air throughout this show, but never quite as physical as when the giant bags of love were needed. Handmade from solid love (or velvet), 8 of these massive bags were needed, as well as a small one to hold a ring box.

To compare distances using snowballs, one needs a snowball. Good thing this cotton batting sewn into a ball and stuffed with some sand wrapped in fabric can't melt. It would blend into the snow decorating the set so well sometimes the performers couldn't find it right away during the show.

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