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Stages St. Louis Sister Act

My time at Stages was short, only a month. I was filling in for the Assistant Propsmaster who had to leave with one show left. I did not have many projects, but I learned quite a bit while I was here, including edge banding which I had not used before. I had a number of smaller projects I did not think to take pictures of in addition to the slideshows below, including assembling fake newspapers, paint matching to a metal desk to hide dings and a welded wheel base, figuring out how to hang some tricky curtains, and teaching the Props Artisan how to use a lathe just for fun.

My first project was done with the Assistant Propsmaster whom i was replacing, as a kind of test to see what I was actually capable of. Together we made this small desk for Mother Superior.

Same small desk from the back.

Mother Superior's desk with the door and drawer open. It would get handed off to the Props Artisan to be stained.

The desk as seen in the scene on stage.

My second project was to create metal candleholders for bases that were made before I arrived. They were made from some decorative steel designs centered around rectangular boxtube topped with 3" bar stock.

A single finished candelabra, with PVC candles added. I also had to make the wood toppers to the bases as well.

All four finished tops. I then handed them off to electrics to wire and light.

The Candelabras seen on stage. The marble paint job was done by myself and the props artisan working together, with direction by the paint team.

A single candelabra as seen in the final act with a flowerpot attachment, also built by me.

When we painted the candelabras, we also painted this matching altar.

A small jukebox that needed to be made larger for a bar scene in the show.

The jukebox's wooden additions to enlarge it. At this point I also gutted it to make room for the lights the electrics team would later put in.

Painted to match. I would now hand it off to Electrics for some lights.

The Jukebox as seen onstage.

A smaller project I made. Artisan bread shellacked for longevity and then glued to a stained cutting board I made. Four identical ones were created for this scene.

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