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The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi

Originally I was just the Assistant Scenic Designer for this show. However, shortly into the process the Propsmaster needed to leave the show, so I stepped into that role as well so that what few props that were needed could get done quickly. The set was a joint idea between myself and the Set Designer. Pulling heavily from playgrounds as inspiration, specific ideas that were mine were the monkey bars that connected the two platforms, as well as the slide on stage right.

Finished colored set model. We wanted to stick with primary and nature colors. The set had to remain small and able to be built/dismantled easily for the show to travel.

Actualized set, as seen in the climax of the show. The mushroom platform was added after the show started rehearsal, to provide more places to sit and stand.

The mushrooms can fully support the weight of a person, let alone a mongoose.

One of the few hand props of the show, Nag's eggs provide the performers a "drink" during the show.

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