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The Cat in the Hat

This show was certainly a challenge. Written into the show nearly everything is thrown around stage or into other people, so everything had to be lightweight, yet durable, and also look like it came from the pages of the Dr. Seuss book. Eventually a lot of hand props were made from PVC, white foam, or fosshape, a heat gun activated fabric. Most furniture was made from MDF as it provided a flat surface perfect for the cartoony look of the world.

The Cat in the Hat balances many things on his shoe, hat, and everywhere else. Much collaboration with the costume department was needed here to ensure magnets and velcro was placed in the correct spot for teacups and cakes to balance on his hat, or a platter on his shoe.

The Cup on top of the Cat's hat. The saucer was magnetized to the hat, the cup to the saucer, and the rim of the cup had two magnets that connected to the cake.

The cake that sits on the cup that sits on the hat of the Cat. It has magnets that connect it both to the hat and to the rim of the teacup.

"A little toy man on a little toy boat". The boat was made from carved foam, and the man was a painted dowel wrapped with some fosshape for a coat like thing. There is a ring I am holding on to that is quite a large piece of PVC pipe for the job, but it had to be large to allow the gloved fingers of the cat to fit through.

A Jug of milk and a cup on a platter. This balances on the cat's foot and velcro'd to his shoe. The cup and jug were both made of foam turned on a lathe. The platter was a cheap and lightweight plastic platter.

With everything getting dropped or thrown into the ground written into the script, everything required extra reinforcement.

Reproduction dresser from the book. One drawer was attached sticking out to make it seem like it had been hit from behind.

A reproduction of a table from the book. Made from MDF.

A bike gets a "Seuss"-style paint job.

A "hallway" on stage. the string was held on one end by a crew member, and clipped onto the proscenium on the other. Lamps and paintings clipped on, only to be knocked over seconds later, along with the curvy table seen near the Cat.

A lamp and flower vase, both made from turned foam. The flowers were made from wire with fosshape petals, and the lampshade was also made from fosshape.

A perfect reproduction of a painting in the hallway from the book was asked for. It clips onto a nearly invisible string across stage, only to be knocked off seconds later.

Chairs made up to look hand drawn with sketchy borders on each edge.

Mother must come through the door at the end of the play. Or, her leg at least.

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