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The Secret Garden

Sourcing an old wheelchair is challenge enough. Then getting it to roll quietly and smoothly is another matter. Eventually both were accomplished.

A long walk in a dark hallway can be spooky. But a combination of antique brass candlesticks and modern battery powered candles helps with a twist of the wrist.

It's a fun time chatting with the gardener after skipping rope with a hand turned jumprope.

Wooden jumprope handles. Hand turned because plastics weren't invented in the early 1900s. Made from poplar and stained.

Small seedling greenhouse. Just waiting to be planted into some hidden garden. All of the seedlings were hand made from larger fake flowers and vines that the set crew used to later decorate the garden.

A terrifying medical syringe made from a marinade injector with some PVC rings, then spray painted silver. Even though it was meant to be terrifying in a terrifying scene, it turned out to be comically large for the show's purposes, and was replaced with a much smaller syringe.

Lots of books were needed, including this storybook. Also shown is a hand painted music box atop a hand turned table.

When purchased, this jewelry box stand in for the music box was painted a strange yellow and purple. After a white version showed up plastic and fake under stage lights, this brown wooden colored one with gold accents read perfectly.

The Secret Garden had a number of challenging props, and it turned out to be a blast to work. I got to play around with LEDs for fake candles, go to a number of antique shops for some period acurate lamps and other decorations, and make some wonderful and terrifying hand props.

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