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Personal/Non Show Projects

This is a collection of pictures that were either for a class I was taking, or just something I did in my spare time for fun or a hobby.

Set Design Class Final. The show is "On the Day, and the Days that Followed". Set in New York on 9/11, and the days following, the story follows both a family waiting to hear from a son who worked in the towers, as well as the events that happened at the site. I wanted it to look chaotic and messy, as if the rubble and the city were pressing in on the family.

Scenic Design Class Final: A theoretical set design for "On the Day and the Days that Followed". This was a shot in my model box attempting to add mood lighting.

A table that originally started as a round bar table for Almost, Maine, it became too heavy, and was cut for a lighter construction. I held onto the top and later cut it into a half circle and welded together the triangular base as a welding project in my Stagecraft class.

This bench was an interesting project. I was to go to the theatre basement and pick a crappy piece of furniture, and then make it look good. I wish I had taken a before picture, as it really was quite bad. This bench had been painted white, and then had pink spatters from something else on it. And it was peeling and just bad. I stripped all the paint and sanded it down to bare wood.Then I applied several coats of danish oil and made the upholstered cushion that can be removed if needed.

A miniature billiards table made as an independent project.

A set design for a class. The play is "Trifles". A murder has occurred in the upstairs bedroom, so I wanted every aspect to draw the eye towards that door at the top of the stairs.

As a project, we were given a date and told to make "a desk decoration to surprise the dumb assistant of a scientist". My date was 1500. This was around the time of Da Vinci releasing diagrams for flying machines, so I made a whirligig out of model plane parts and balsa, then painted it all to look like tarnished brass. If the peg is released while the band is twisted, the whirligig will fly off in a random direction, certainly surprising an assistant.

A welding project for a class. A sword and sheath. The sword is made from square tube, smashed flat, and them some round pipe and angle iron for a handle. The sheath is just rectangular tube that the sword fits in nicely.

A final in an upholstery course, I had to reupholster a sofa, replace the legs, and remove an arm to make it a one arm chaise.

Gifts for some friends, these are hand turned walnut and cherry goblets. Each holds around a shot of liquid.

Hand turned spalted magnolia candlestick, created as a personal project.

3 Pens made from magnolia wood. One with a matte gold, one with chrome, one with copper.

A closeup of a blue acrylic pen and a purpleheart pen.

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